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Data Security Management System

Our accounting services is committed to create better practices with respect to the data privacy, data security and data confidentiality of information that our clients pass on to us while outsourcing their projects. Accounting Firm is dedicated to support our clients' sensitive business related data security by utilizing technology, policies, and procedures that comply with the concerned guidelines.

We have put in place an information data security management system that conforms to international standards. It helps identify, manage, and minimise the range of threats to data solutions and information that is mission-critical to both accounting services and our clients. We have taken adequate measures to ensure necessary data security controls that protect information assets and give confidence to all our clients and ourselves.

To enhance our data privacy and security standards:

  • We comply with the data safety requirements and assure that data security provide adequate privacy protection as defined by the regulatory directive on data protection.
  • We will handle all personal information entrusted to us with extreme confidentiality.
  • Strict control measures are implemented to ensure the data security and privacy of all information we receive, and of every record, we transmit.

We maintain an electronic data discovery group dedicated for the purpose, and they strictly adhere to the recommendations and policies set down by the company concerning electronic data discovery.

Since inception, our financial accounting has never closed operations because of an emergency that could be managed humanly, or mechanically. This was possible as we possess highly secure, robust and agile infrastructure. Our customers have rated it as "best-in-class" during satisfaction audits.

Our proactive approach and continuous evaluation of risk has been one of the key factors to our success. Our accounting services is investing considerable resources to develop a healthy business continuity data security management system, and it is an ongoing process.

As part of our disaster management policy, we employ highly trained crisis management teams devoted to documents, data, and systems/facilities at all our centers of operation. Our office at New Delhi is physically secure and has appropriate environmental controls to protect our esteemed clients' valuable data and our systems.

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